Cake Dummies

Why cake dummies from Styropor Products?

We are a manufacturing and wholesale company that offers polystyrene cake dummies in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
With us you will find Europe's largest range of cake dummies.
Our offer is not only standard but we also cut to your liking. Are you looking for a polyfoam dummy with a sharp edge or do you prefer a chamfered edges. We have it all in our range.
We produce and supply to stores, companies, training centers and private customers.
Are you looking for a specific polystyrene cake dummy shape? A big chance that we can deliver your desired shape and / or size from stock.

What can you do with a cake dummy?

A polystyrene cake dummy is used for making a so-called show piece or sample piece. These fake cakes are put in a shop window or used during an event or other presentation. Because the inside of the cake consists a Styrofoam cake dummy, it does not shrink like a real cake and you can keep it for a very long time. A polyfoam dummy cake is also widely used in bakers and pastry training for practicing certain techniques in order to master the perfect decoration technique.
With cake dummies you can practice endlessly in making and garnishing cakes. Do you want to practice writing words with liquid chocolate? Use a polystyrene dummy and first practice whether the word you want fits on the cake or whether you need to adjust the letters slightly larger or smaller. If you write on a real cake and the text fails or does not fit, then you have a serious problem. With a Styrofoam dummy shape this is no longer a problem. cover the mold with plastic wrap so that it can be removed after every exercise and can be reused endlessly without getting dirty. You can also use a dummy to practice covering the sides with, for example, rolled fondant, marzipan or royal icing. Only if you can implement the techniques properly then you can use a real cake.

To properly practice different techniques you can buy a Styrofoam cake in a wide variety of different sizes and shapes in our online shop 24/7. So you can practice endlessly with applying different techniques to the polystyrene cake. If all goes well, you can try out on a real cake what you have learned.

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