Cylinder & Rods

We have a wide range of styrofoam round cylinders and square bars with a diameter of 30 mm (3 cm) up to a diameter of 400 mm (40 cm).
All cylinders up to Ø 90 mm (9 cm) have a length of 90 cm thicker styrofoam cylinders are available in various lengths up to 90 cm long. Thin cylinders and rods can easily be cut to length with a sharp, thin knife.
Although our foam cylinders are available in a wide range of dimensions, you can also order these in your desired length. Email us and we will let you know what your desired styrofoam cylinder costs. Round cylinders up to 120 cm long and square bars up to 2 meters long.
Styrofoam cylinders and rods are a great do-it-yourself product. You will certainly find the perfect size for your craft project. The cylinders are nicely rounded. We provide the best quality cylinder rods for your art and hobby projects.
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