Styrofoam blocks, cubes, foam blocks or molded foam blocks of polystyrene.

Hobbyists and artists, model builders, do-it-yourselfers and professionals, such as designers, architects, window dressers, bakers (show cakes), schools and others make the most beautiful designs with styrofoam.
By using a styrofoam cutter it becomes very easy to cut all kinds of shapes out of the styrofoam block. But the cube can also be processed with an electrically heated knife, so that no large quantity of static balls remains, such as when using a saw or grater. Give your creativity freedom and be surprised by the many possibilities.

Other materials such as modeling wax, plaster, tile glue, epoxy and other materials can be used to the Styropor blocks to provide final shaping and detailing.
We supply a wide variety of styrofoam blocks, the desired size is not stated on the site? E-mail us with your desired size.
Our cubes are made from a very dense EPS pressing.
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