All polystyrene Dragons dragons are made computerised. Polystyrene decorations are made with the utmost care and we use only a high quality EPS (better known as styrofoam).
To cut out the inner part of certain dragons we have made a cut out line. This section can be put together very easily using polystyrene glue.
The dragon can be decorated with colored paper, ribbons, fabric, wool, powertex, colored sand, glitters or paint your dragon in your favorite color with acrylic paint.
Use the right glue! Ask you local shop, if you are not sure just try a little spot. If the polystyrene doesn't solve it's usable.

Available in several sizes
Thickness 3 cm

Standard Polystyrene is white. If you want to color styrofoam decorations or give it it a complete new look?
See below for Tips & Tricks
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