Statement & Environment

Styropor Products & Plastic packaging

Unfortunately, plastic packaging can no longer be ignored in our daily life and in certain cases plastic even makes a contribution.
Although Styropor Products is a proponent of avoiding extra packaging as much as possible, at the request of many of our customers, a large part of our range of cakes dummies are shrink-wrapped.
Styropor Products collects all remaining pieces of polystyrene foam and wrapping foil for further processing. For example, our residual pieces of polystyrene foam are collected by a special reclycing company and processed for, among other things, the lightweight concrete industry and used as raw material for wall and floor insulation.

Our EPS (styrofoam) forms have a "Food Grade Statement" which makes them safe and suitable to come into contact with food. Of course EPS is not edible but in some cases it is used as part of a larger whole.
Our opinion is that packaging EPS forms an unnecessary environmental burden and does not contribute to our health and the environment.
Despite the fact that we package many of our products, we ask you to treat our environment with care and to offer residual pieces of polystyrene foam and packaging material separately to your waste processor.
In this way you also make a positive contribution to our fragile environment.

Styropor Products 100% circular
The demand for products and raw materials is increasing worldwide. That is why the Dutch government has set the goal that the Netherlands should have a fully circular economy by 2050.
This is to use products and raw materials more economically and smarter. Styropor Products has already achieved this goal.
All remaining raw materials are recycled or reused.

Polystyrene has a new name
You have known airpop® for a long time, for example under the names Styrofoam or EPS. The technical term is expanded polystyrene. But because it had a different name in every country up to now, there was often confusion. That is why there is now only one name: airpop® engineered air. In the next three minutes you will discover why airpop® is so important to our lives.
Expanded polystyrene (EPS), or styrofoam, is now known throughout Europe as Airpop. With this, the European association for manufacturers and producers of EPS wants to stop the proliferation of names for EPS and to boost the image of the product.
There are 600 producers of EPS in Europe, and they all have their own word for the material. In many countries EPS is still known under a brand name, such as Styrofoam or Styropor. As a result, there was no clear profile. In addition, polystyrene foam has an image problem. “Many people think that polystyrene foam is not environmentally friendly. Moreover, styrofoam has a completely different function in the decor and hobby industry than in the construction industry and / or packaging industry.
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