We offer a wide range of polystyrene balls from 15 mm in diameter up to to 800 mm. Supplying to department stores (for shop windows), shop assistants, hobby shops, schools, pastry chefs and cake artists, universities, contractors, stand builders, model builders, theaters, film and television studios. Our styrofoam spheres are available from stock. Our styrofoam spheres have a high density, making them smoother and are of high quality.
Making dummy cake balls or domes is quite difficult, making these polystyrene balls invaluable. The balls are made of solid polystyrene or consist of 2 parts from Ø 20 cm.
Half polystyrene balls / doms are available in 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 cm. These hemispheres are useful for creating a dome-shaped design.

FRA polystyrene
Unlike most polystyrene balls that are available in the Netherlands and Europe, all polystyrene balls that we supply contain a flame-retardant additive, which is essential when using polystyrene in shop displays, the theater or for props.
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