Styrofoam eggs come in a variety of sizes - both solid and hollow Styrofoam eggs are fun for both children and adults, as they can be decorated in a variety of ways! Our styrofoam eggs are of high quality and density.
Polystyrene / styrofoam eggs, perfect for decorating with acrylic paint, rubber, jewelery, cutting paper and more ...
These polystyrene / styrofoam animals can also be used as a frame or attachment for heads or Easter eggs with modeling clay, paper, paper mache, play doh, plasticine, wax, etc.
Styrofoam eggs can be used for 3D animations, they have endless possibilities.
Buy them individually or packed with several.

FRA polystyrene
Unlike most polystyrene eggs available in the Netherlands and Europe, all styrofoam eggs that we supply contain a flame-retardant additive, which is essential when using polystyrene in shop displays, the theater or for props.
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