Tips & Tricks

Styrofoam or Polystyrene can be painted in any desired color with water-based paint, such as acrylic paint, latex or wall paint. Please note that there is no solvents in the paint. This will solve the styrofoam. If you're not sure about the paint! Test it on the bottom of the decoration. Aerosols often contain solvents so be carefull.

To cover or coat with colored scrapbook paper, wallpaper, fabric, ribbon or any other material is one of many possibilities to give your creation a own look. Please note that you used a glue without solvents. Solvents will dissolves the styrofoam, use styrofoam paste or any other brand solvent free glue.
For pasting heavier materials or for pasting dry flowers, Moss, etc. dry flowers, flags, etc you can also use a glue gun. Pin scan be easily stick into the styrofoam. Create an opening with a pointed blade or needle and stick the material into the styrofoam. 

Covering Cakes
If you make dummy cakes and want to cover the cake shape with marzipan or rolled fondant, first lubricate your dummy cake with fat as crisco, trex, royal icing, lightly heated glucose or piping gel. This ensures to hold the marzipan or paste in place easier.

You can easily push plastic hanger forks in the styrofoam. The plastic hanger forks are equipped with an "eye" and a "tab" so that you can retrieve the string by the "eye" or snap to the "tab". 
For larger objects you can also use a screw or eye screw in the styrofoam. 

Against the Wall
You can use double-sided tape to stick your decoration to the wall, door or ceiling. We recommend that you check the adhesive strength. Many types of tape do not have sufficient adhesion. For heavier styrofoam decorations you can use our special styrofoam paste for inside or outside or a silicone or use a special glue. Note that the glue or kit is suitable for polystyrene and doesn’t contains solvents! Ask your do-it-yourself store to be sure using the wright one.

Standing Up
You can put styrofoam creations for a window or on a sideboard. If your decorations not remain independently, you can paste it onto a Board or styrofoam plate. For multiple items, you can also print a wire into the decorations. 

Accidental damage or damage If small bumps are created, you can reduce or remove them with fine-grained sandpaper. Put the sandpaper on a Block of wood and polish lightly on the damaged surface. Remove sharp corners? With fine sandpaper or very carefully with a small grinding machine with fine-grained sandpaper you will succeed. 

Styrofoam or Polystyrene decorations are not intended as toys but purely for beautification of ....! Caution among small children and keeps styrofoam decorations at a safe distance.

Would you like to order letters and leave them upright? Let us know and we will make sure that the specific letters are flattened at the bottom.
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