Insulating concrete, EPS concrete, EPS mortar, polystyrene concrete, foam concrete.
Just a few names for concrete in which EPS (styrofoam) beads are incorporated.
Concrete is one of the best inventions in the field of building and construction, but concrete has one fundamental disadvantage: its weight, concrete blocks are heavy. It is not surprising that ingenious gentlemen have worked hard to make the material less dense and yet very durable. Various types of concrete were created and tested and one of them became the most popular: polystyrene concrete or insulating concrete. Although perhaps not expected, this type of concrete can also be made at home with a concrete mixer. Polystyrene concrete is made like any type of concrete, but now with the additional ingredient EPS (styrofoam) beads. The recipe for this insulating concrete must be carefully adhered to. Too much moisture causes the beads to float, and if the composition is too thick, this increases the risk of cracking.

Insulating concrete does not contain toxic substances that are dangerous to humans, it is environmentally friendly and harmless to the environment.
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