Fan cake dummies with straight edges of 7 cm high

Fan cake dummies with straight edges of 7 cm high
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Manufacturer Styropor Products
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This article is available is various sizes

Fan 10 cm high - 15 cm

€ 3.47 € 2.87 excluding VAT

Fan 7 cm high - 20 cm

€ 4.42 € 3.65 excluding VAT

Fan 7 cm high - 25 cm

€ 5.66 € 4.68 excluding VAT

Fan 7 cm high - 30 cm

€ 7.25 € 5.99 excluding VAT

Fan 7 cm high - 35 cm

€ 8.51 € 7.03 excluding VAT

Fan 7 cm high - 40 cm

€ 10.02 € 8.28 excluding VAT
Fan shaped cake dummies in 7 cm deep with straight edges are cut computerized.
Polystyrene cake dummies are made with the utmost care and we only use a high quality EPS (better known as styrofoam). This allows you to enjoy your decorations for years.
Our polystyrene cake dummies are 100% recyclable. If would like to re-use our cake dummies just wash them with warm water and soap. Leaf the to dry overnight.
Our high-quality polystyrene foam is CFC and HBCD free and suitable for direct contact with food.
Available in various depths and up to 120 cm.

These dummies have straight edges! In our range of cake dummies we also have cake dummies with chamfered edges.
Styrofoam is standard white.
Do you want to color your decoration or give it a complete new look?
Do you want to cover your cake dummy cake with Marzipan, sugarpaste or icing? Look under "SERVICE" at the bottom of this page for tips & tricks.

Under mentioned prices are for dummies with STRAIGHT EDGES
The extra large cake dummies that are visible but not possible to order! Please order by e-mail
You can collect the order at our factory or ask without obligation for the cost for shipment

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