Symbol A - French Lily

5 cm thick

Symbol A - French Lily
Symbol A - French Lily
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This article is available is various sizes

Symbol A - 20 cm high

€ 2.68

Symbol A - 30 cm high

€ 4.16

Symbol A - 40 cm hoog

€ 5.76

Symbol A - 50 cm high

€ 7.34

Symbol A - 60 cm high

€ 9.19
The fleur-de-lis (also fleur-de-lys or Flench lily) is known as the symbol of the French Royal House. The name literally means lily-flower. In fact even the naming is not so sure. Fleur de Lis, may also have been a bastardization of the English Fleur de Louis.

All polystyrene French lilies are made computerised. Polystyrene decorations are made with the utmost care and we use only a high quality EPS (better known as styrofoam). This way you will enjoy your decorations for years.

Available several sizes
Thickness 5 cm

Standard Polystyrene is white. If you want to color styrofoam decorations or give it it a complete new look?
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