EPS Beads for Insulating Concrete 200/240 ltr

Shredded styrofoam - Polystyrene beads

EPS Beads for Insulating Concrete 200/240 ltr
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A standard 10 liter bucket of cement is approximately 12 kg.
D300 insulating concrete:
       240 kg cement or 20 buckets (= 20 portions)
       50 liters of granules or 5 buckets
       6 liters of water per portion
       650 ml. Plasticizer/detergent, 32.5 ml per portion.

To Blend
It is necessary to mix polystyrene concrete well. You should get a homogeneous mass.
Working order:
  • Polystyrene beads are poured into a concrete mixer and the machine is immediately turned on.
  • Mix plasticizer or detergent with the water and pour approximately 1/3 part into the concrete mixer.
  • Soak polystyrene granules in small quantities with the water and the plasticizer in the concrete mixer, making sure that the polystyrene granules are thoroughly soaked.
  • Place cement in the concrete mixer and immediately add the remaining water.
  • Mix well until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

A notice:
Styrofoam insulating beads are not shipped and can be picked up in Susteren (Limburg).
Delivery within a 25 km radius, orders of 30 bags or more will be delivered free of charge.
If you live outside the immediate area, please contact us at info@styroporproducts or call 00 46 426 49 75 for a non-binding quote for delivery costs.
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