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Styrofoam beads or granules are ideally suited for insulating the crawl space and the floor above it. You simply spread the Styrofoam granules over the floor of the crawl space. A layer of about 30 centimeters is often sufficient for a good insulating effect, but less or more is of course also possible. The crawl space immediately becomes warmer and the humidity decreases.
With a well-insulated home you save on your energy bill. So by insulating the crawl space you also save on energy costs.
In addition, a cold, damp soil in your crawl space causes a lot of condensation that forms when a home is heated. This can lead to mold formation and creates a cold floor in the home.
Polystyrene beads retain moist air, keeping condensation at the bottom. This makes the air above the insulation chips drier and warmer, so that the floor in your home no longer cools down as quickly and you don't have to heat as much.

EPS does not seem very environmentally friendly because polystyrene - the plastic of EPS - is made from petroleum. However, EPS consists of only 2% plastic; the remaining 98% is stagnant air. This makes EPS a lot more environmentally friendly than it seems. In addition, polystyrene beads ensure low environmental costs and a very long lifespan.
Insulation chips mainly have advantages. Only the height of your crawl space may cause problems. For example, an Rc value of 2.5 is required for optimal insulation, which results in a layer of 30 cm.
  • Perfect insulator - Polystyrene beads consist of 98% air which ensures perfect insulation.
  • Recycled material - The beads are made of recycled polystyrene (styrofoam).
  • Very light - Polystyrene beads weigh approx. 3 kg per 200 l.
  • Moisture Resistant - Insulation beads are resistant to mold and moisture.
  • Easy to move - This allows larger spaces to remain accessible.
  • Cheap - Styrofoam insulation beads are cheap to use.

Styrofoam insulation beads are not shipped and can be collected in Susteren (Limburg).
Delivery within 25 km, orders from 30 bags will be delivered to you free of charge.
If you live outside the immediate area, please contact us at info@styroporproducts or call 00 46 426 49 75 for a no-obligation quote on delivery costs.

Cost Price

Crawl space insulation at 30 M²

Quantity of polystyrene beads

Insulation thickness
Liters needed
Price per bag
20 cm
€ 17,50
€ 437,50
30 cm
€ 16,00
€ 592,00
40 cm
€ 16,00
€ 800,00
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