Rings / Wreaths

Styrofoam rings / wreaths
Polystyrene rings are perfect for making decorative Christmas wreaths, Advent wreaths or floral wreaths. Popular with both artisans and florists, these polystyrene rings are available in a fully rounded version, with one flat side or flat on both sides in a very wide range of sizes.

Flat rings of polystyrene foam have a flat side on one or both sides, making it much easier to attach them to a wall than a "full" ring of polystyrene foam because the support surface (seat) is much larger. When used as a container for balls, for example, the flat side serves to improve the stability of the ring when it presses against the ground. Rings made of polystyrene foam are lightweight and bulky but at the same time inexpensive compared to rings of the same size made from other materials. They can be wrapped with ribbons or tapes or embossed their surface or sanded to a smooth surface, painted with a brush or sprayed - the list goes on.
Another possible use could be that you can stick sharp and rod-shaped objects in the foam of the rings as a means to make a decoration (wreath).

Styrofoam rings are waterproof and like all styrofoam shapes, they remain floating in water - in short, polystyrene rings are a versatile hobby material because they can be used in many ways as a design element and as a decoration.
Our rings / wreaths are made from high density polystyrene foam. These are therefore particularly smooth.
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